Finance & Business Services

Directory of Administration

Michael Moan, EdD, Superintendent
Brian McAdow, Associate Superintendent 
George Oslovich, Assistant Superintendent for Middle & High School Education
Dana Smith, EdD, Assistant Superintendent for Early Childhood & Elementary Education
Risa Hanson, Chief Financial Officer
Kim Bertrand, Special Education Coordinator
Diane Carter, Director of Transportation
Teresa Dailey, Director of Human Resources
Courtney Fejedelem, Director of Kids Club
Julie Jennett, Special Education Coordinator
Curt Johannsen, Director of Financial Services
Keely Krueger, Director of Grants, Language & Culture
Sue Malley, Director of Food Services
Kristy Mikol, Special Education Coordinator
Lynn Mohan, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Lisa Pearson, Director of Special Services
Ken Roiland, Director of Buildings & Grounds
Jerry Swedberg, Director of Technology
Lisa Tate, Director of Nursing & Health Services
Debra Walsdorf, Communications Specialist - Community Services


Tricia Bogott, Principal, Verda Dierzen Early Learning Center
Christine Brown, Assistant Principal, Verda Dierzen Early Learning Center
Vicki Larson, EdD, Principal, Dean Street Elementary School
Thomas Wollpert, Principal, Greenwood Elementary School
Keri Pala, Principal, Mary Endres Elementary School
Diana Frisbie, Principal, Olson Elementary School
Jared Skorburg, Principal, Prairiewood Elementary School
Ryan Hart, Principal, Westwood Elementary School
Michael Wheatley, Principal, Creekside Middle School
Michelle Martin, Assistant Principal, Creekside Middle School
Jeremy Schaaf, Principal, Northwood Middle School
Bethany Hall, Assistant Principal, Northwood Middle School
Justin Smith, EdD, Principal, Woodstock High School
Matt Boland, Assistant Principal, Woodstock High School
Art Vallicelli, EdD, Assistant Principal, Woodstock High School
Glen Wilson, Director of Athletics, Woodstock High School
Darlea Livengood, Principal, Woodstock North High School
Jennifer Spear, Assistant Principal, Woodstock North High School
Brady Stromquist, Director of Athletics, Woodstock North High School
Dawn Cook, Principal, Clay Academy



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