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School Safety

District 200 believes that schools should be safe places for children whether they are learning in our classrooms, riding on our buses or participating in an after school or extracurricular activity.  Every school has a comprehensive emergency and crisis plan that details responses to a variety of crisis situations and that is reviewed and practiced regularly.  In addition, the following safety procedures are observed in every building.

• Except for designated entrances, all doors will be locked during the school day.
• All parents, visitors and volunteers must report to the main office before proceeding to classrooms.
• Visitors and/or volunteers are required to wear identification badges while in the school.  These badges are available only     in the school office.
• Parents who are picking up elementary and middle school students at times other than normal dismissal must enter the building and sign the student out in the school office before the student will be released.

In order for our crisis plans to be effective and to keep students as safe as possible, the cooperation of parents and the public is of the utmost importance.  In the event of a lockdown, evacuation or other critical event;

• DO NOT COME TO THE SCHOOL.  Emergency responders and school staff are well-trained to manage crisis situations, and extra vehicular traffic and additional people on site can impede important response time.
• Telephone and e-mail messages about the emergency will be sent immediately to all parents through the school district’s automated messaging system.   Any updates on the status of the emergency and/or reunification procedures will also be provided through this manner.
• Information and updates will be also posted on this website.

While District 200 cannot predict if or when a crisis may occur, our top priority is and will always be ensuring the safety of all of our students and staff.